viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Mom Style!

Some of you asked for some moms clothing, because moms can be fashion too! It is not so difficult as it seems. Check this out:
 Meeting with friends -Young mom
 Important informal occasions
street style 

Parent conference at school for your children
Important formal occasions
♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience


Not only on special occasions we have trouble finding what to wear. On some casual days we cant find anything to wear in our closets and we find ourselves in trouble. Here are some outfits that may help you in those complicated days.   

♥ Everybody has to have a black dress in the closet. Here we give you some possible combinations.
♥Blue jeans, you always need to have one of this, because they can be combined with any color and texture! 
If you have to go out and you want to always look perfect 
♥ Vintage

♥ Black

♥ Blue

♥ Freaky Fashion Friday Experience 

Hot and cold

Sometimes, weather can be your worse enemy! Some of you wrote about the weather in your country... some cold, some hot, some rainy, some sunny. Well today the topic is hot&cold. 
Beach: If you are going to have some beach time with your friends, you may be asking yourselves, What should i wear? but don't worry! Look:
♥outfits proposals for a sunny beach day: 
1. Flower print dress, blue sandals and bag, nice long earrings, bracelets and sunglasses.
♥♥♥ You can look very nice and cute when you arrive to the beach, but surprise everyone there with a sexy bikini!  It always works. ♥♥♥
2. Black strapless bikini, jean hot pants, really cute sandals, fashion sunglasses,white loose tshirt, acrilic bracelet and nice beach bag.

3. If you prefer a pink outfit: Pink bathrobe, fashion straw hat, one piece swimsuit, pink sunglasses, cute sandals & off course do not forget the pool ball.

4. If you don't feel good in a two-piece swimsuit, the one piece swimsuit can be your option! Look gorgeous feeling comfortable. Red is a very sexy color, but at the same time you can look cute and tender like this.

5.If you want a spectacular tan, check this out:BUT REMEMBER! You should ALWAYS use sunscreen!

6. these beautiful sunglasses pic were sent to us: of course we made 2 awesome outfits:
      - First Outfit based on the  sunglasses:

      - Second Outfit based on the  sunglasses:

The cold part: We can not always enjoy a sunny day, but don't give up! A little rain doesn't mean you have to dress badly! Check this out:
♥outfits proposals for a cold day:
1.Red shoes, ring, earrings, coat; jeans; white hat, blouse, scarf and bracelets. 
2. The cold weather does not always mean dark colors, you can use bright colors without feeling cold! hooded coat, jeans, fluffy socks, plastic boots, hat, scarf, gloves, umbrella, bag & T-neck white sweater♥
3. If you prefer the rage of browns, this is for you. Ugg boots, Jeans, white blouse, warm jacket, leather belt and bag, pearls, Fluffy cocks and gloves & Burberry umbrella.
4. We know that you can't go to the office dressed like that, so we made a proposal for a business woman: Black Sweater, knee-length skirt, black pantyhose, red blouse, Ushanka, long earrings, long necklace & pretty red fashion umbrella.
Freaky Fashion Friday Experience