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Fashion Rio (Río de Janeiro) SS/2012

Fashion Rio (Río de Janeiro)

♥ 2nd-floor:

♥ Agatha:

♥ Alessa:

 Blue man and cantao:
 Coca - Cola:
 espaco-fashion and filhas-gaia:
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NY - Spring 2012




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Freaky Fashion Friday CONTEST

Hi fashion lovers!!

Today we start a new project and we want you to be involve. The idea is to change our image. Its a bit difficult for us to decide between the final 4 pictures. So we invite you to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE, you wont take more than a couple of minutes!
As a comment list your favorite (ex: my favorite list is: #1 and #3) and in 3 weeks we will count votes and put the most voted image as our picture profile (Blog, twitter and facebook –profile and fanpage-).

 If you have a picture idea and want to make it a possible picture send it to: (we will receive images the first week of the contest).  The winner will be recognized in public for a month and if he/she has a blog or some company it will receive free publicity on the blog for the same amount of time.
The ways you can vote:
1.   Blog:  Comment this post below, but remember… in one week maybe you can see news possible images.  So come back for the new ones!!
2.   Twitter: send to us your favorite list using @freakyfashionfr
3.   Facebook: you can post your favorite list as a comment or, you can click de like button on your favorite photos.
 Have a nice freaky fashion Friday and lets start this awesome contest 

Picture # 1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4

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Monaco Royal Wedding

Last Saturday, the prince Albert II got married with Charlene Wittstock, a South African Olympic swimmer (by the way, 20 years younger than him). The marriage was celebrated 3 consecutive days, but the last one was the religious ceremony. The place couldn’t be better, the main courtyard of the Monaco Palace! It looked awesome, the atmosphere was lovely and so romantic! Here is a nice pic of the place:

 We think that it was a real shame that media didn’t cover this wedding, as the British princes wedding was covered, so that both of them can be compared… but in this blog the most important part is the fashion!  We saw all the Monaco royal wedding events and we prepared this special selection of the 5 best dressed, the 5 worse dressed and some bonus comments we have to do!
We have to start with the beautiful bride! Charlene looked amazing! She wore a very luxurious dress design by Giorgio Armani (2500 hours of work, 40000 Swarovski crystals, 20000 mother of pearl teardrops, 30000 stones in gold shades) the train was about 6 yards long and featured a boat neck gown. This bride dress was decorated by Armani with a very cute bouquet, which had orchids and proteas.
She didn’t use any jewelry (like earrings or necklace), the bride opted to hold her long hair back in a low bun surrounded by a jeweled headpiece, visible here through her flowing silk veil. And if we talk about her makeup, she was pretty good… simple, delicate, tender and definitely in line with the occasion.
Now we are going to talk about the 5 best dresses in our point of view:
#5. Victoria Silvesdt: this beautiful Swedish model wore a simple cream outfit. Uncomplicated but gorgeous and perfect for that sunny day. Nice heel shoes, tight dress, perfect bag and clock combination. 
#4 Sophie countess of wessex: Nice grey dress combined with beautiful heel shoes, everything so simple, but her extravagant hat made this a perfect outfit for this occasion.
#3 Princess Stephanie of Monaco: she is a really a fashion icon like almost all her family, she chose a Chanel pink dress, making herself one of the  best dressed this day. She looked very elegant, and we  forgive the only mistake she made, to go against the protocol, as is customary in the rebellious princess of Monaco, there was no sun hat or details in her head. But she looked so fantastic… so we forgive her mistake!
#2. Roberta Armani. She really has fashion on her blood. Her lovely dress is indescribable, the color scheme is beautiful and accessories like shoes, purse or the small hat, truly made her one of the best looking ladies on this occasion. 
#1 Charlotte Casiraghi: She wore the best, pink, pretty, sexy, appropriated, and awesome chanel dress. She really puts de royal family name very high in the fashion world. We really think she was the most gorgeous after the bride.  The accessories were very cute (shoes, bag and her head detail). Everything on her outfit was perfect.

Now we are going to talk about the 5 worse dressed:

#5 Princess Caroline of Monaco: we believe that her dress was a bad choice, although she is not ugly at all, the dress didn’t enhance her beauty, it’s too short and made ​​her looks as if she was pregnant.  The hat was too big and we never saw her beautiful face.  
#4 Tatiana Santodomingo: She is the girlfriend of one of the most handsome prince of Monaco, and her family is one of the most influential families in Colombia. But money can’t buy style and class, and she didn’t dress well… first the banana’s skirt on the Eagles concert… She really looked horrible, but after that, she showed up with her outfit on the wedding and it was a total disaster. The hat, her hair (a complete mess), the loose dress (made ​​her look as if she was fat), her shoes didn’t match with her purse and neither with the rest of her choices. In fact some rumors are circulating that she definitely does not belong to the royal class.
#3 Karolina Kurnikova: She made some mistakes that put her on this list... First the wedding was DAY dress code, and she used a night design by Chanel; second, the dress was nice, but her skirt had some rare extra part in the back part… that’s why she is here! If you are invited to a royal event, you have to make good choices about your clothes.  
#2 Ira de Furstenberg: Just... horrible.  Blue is a good color, but its summer!! You can wear a lot of colors, and if you want flowers, the printed ones are better… that dress made her look so old, and the shoes looked like 50 years old shoes. 
#1 Michelle Yeoh: She is a fashion victim, the dress is not so bad, but she had no idea how to combine things. The jewelry, the hat, the shoes… everything was beautiful but separated! The mixed things didn’t match.

Some bonnus comments:  

Beatrice Borromeo: sShe is Pierre Casiraghi girlfriend and she is a really classy girl, beautiful dress, perfect makeup and hair style! She really deserves  to be in this royal family
Pauline Ducret: She is pretty, but her dress was not nice… She looked like a fashion scarecrow, and we believe that she deserves something better.
We found some people kind of Lost: Eva Duringer (we can’t believe that her husband –fashion designer- would let her dress like that) and Ines de la Fressange(she looked like in a beach party).
Lost but forgivable Naomi Campbell, she looked gorgeous… the problem was that she didn’t attend the dress code… BUT her dress was lovely and she was one of our favorites.

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Mom Style!

Some of you asked for some moms clothing, because moms can be fashion too! It is not so difficult as it seems. Check this out:
 Meeting with friends -Young mom
 Important informal occasions
street style 

Parent conference at school for your children
Important formal occasions
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Not only on special occasions we have trouble finding what to wear. On some casual days we cant find anything to wear in our closets and we find ourselves in trouble. Here are some outfits that may help you in those complicated days.   

♥ Everybody has to have a black dress in the closet. Here we give you some possible combinations.
♥Blue jeans, you always need to have one of this, because they can be combined with any color and texture! 
If you have to go out and you want to always look perfect 
♥ Vintage

♥ Black

♥ Blue

♥ Freaky Fashion Friday Experience