viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Freaky Fashion Friday CONTEST

Hi fashion lovers!!

Today we start a new project and we want you to be involve. The idea is to change our image. Its a bit difficult for us to decide between the final 4 pictures. So we invite you to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE, you wont take more than a couple of minutes!
As a comment list your favorite (ex: my favorite list is: #1 and #3) and in 3 weeks we will count votes and put the most voted image as our picture profile (Blog, twitter and facebook –profile and fanpage-).

 If you have a picture idea and want to make it a possible picture send it to: (we will receive images the first week of the contest).  The winner will be recognized in public for a month and if he/she has a blog or some company it will receive free publicity on the blog for the same amount of time.
The ways you can vote:
1.   Blog:  Comment this post below, but remember… in one week maybe you can see news possible images.  So come back for the new ones!!
2.   Twitter: send to us your favorite list using @freakyfashionfr
3.   Facebook: you can post your favorite list as a comment or, you can click de like button on your favorite photos.
 Have a nice freaky fashion Friday and lets start this awesome contest 

Picture # 1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4

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