viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!!

I'm very excited and honored that Nia Fashionista  has nominated me for the versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much for all your support, this year as fashion blogger is the most amazing experience I had in my entire life...  I am so proud to see how far it's already come.
I sincerely appreciate all of my followers and the comments that you leave, I read every single one and I'm glad you like my posts!

The rules are as follows:
-Nominate 15 fellow bloggers that you recently discovered or follow regularly 
-Let them know you have nominated them
-Share 7 random facts about yourself
-Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
-Add the versatile blogger award to your blog and that's it!

My Nominations: 
♥ Adrien Loren
♥ Double-Pizzazz
♥ Confessionsofabeautyfreak
♥ 4 stylish cherries
♥ Your Fashion Chic

♥ Style Feed Victoria
Studs and Sapphires
♥ Soy una chica zara
♥ Wish upon a smile
♥ Trend

♥ heavencanwwait
♥ The picture of Mary
♥ The rest is still unwritten
♥ Sparkly Shiny World
♥ She Shops a Lot

7 random facts about me:
1. My favorite color is pink
2. I'm a graduated psychologist 
3. I love football (soccer) and i'm a huge fan of FCBarcelona
4. My favorite city in all the Universe is Barcelona
5. Some of my favorite musician are: Freddy Mercury (And Queen), Mago de Oz, David Guetta, Juan Magan, etc...
6. Coco Chanel is my greatest inspirational person.
7. I'm in love and I have been for 5 years with my boyfriend.

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience


For a while I have been following many blogs that inspire me to create my post, I think it's time to give them credit for being the engine of my work in this beautiful blogger time. Here I give you a list of other excellent blogs that inspire me and that should be on your list of blogs (along with freakyfashion friday, of course) in bloglovin, facebook, etc..

  The Runway Of LifeThe runway of life: This young Mexican blogger makes reviews about fashion and style! She has an updated blog, she is always aware of trends and all possible images that can inspire a good outfit.
The Runway of Life
Language: English
Talking about:  Style, trends and new collections.
Blogging since: July 2011
Author: Fernanda (17 years old) 

♥ Adrien Loren: I think He is like a Spanish Perez Hilton! And the best thing ever is he writes in Spanish! I really love his blog, I laugh a lot with every single post, he is so spicy and has a great opinions about fashion, style and of course he has the best fashion taste!
Adrien LorenLanguage: Spanish             Talking about:  Style, trends, fashion events, new collections, brands, fashion opinions (my favorite part).                  Blogging since: June 2011. Author: Adrien Loren  

 Emily Divine: This is a fashion and personal style blog made by Emily Lawrence, a beautiful young girl from the UK. She has a really inspiring blog,  her lookbooks are great and her photos about DIY nail art are quite useful and explicative.
Language: English
Talking about:  Style, Lookbook, trends and DIY.
Blogging since: February 2011  Author: Emily Lawrence (20 years old) 

 Morbida, la vita: I recently found this blog, and I have to say I fell in love… Who said fashion is about skinny people or anorexia??… Actually a lot of people are big size, and I think that this is not an excuse to not love fashion, dress inappropriately or to not  feel gorgeous. Definitely I think this is a really inspiring blog… I have to say that I really admire that girl because she take fashion and turns it wearable and  is really amazing the way she shows the entire world that big size can be sexy, fashion, gorgeous and TOTALLY GIRLY GIRL!! 
Language: Italian
Talking about:  Style,Make up,  Lookbook, News, fashion opinions.
Blogging since: March 2012
Author: Giorgina (28 years old)

 StyleFeed Victoria B.C.:  Ok, I have to say I really enjoy the idea that we share the same birthday, we love fashion and we founded “Lovely Fashion day” (Sep 30)!! She is really awesome and I love her blog/Fanpage. She posts very useful things and since I started checking  her blog I really want to live in a very fashion country like Canada! Hope you can check this awesome blog!
StyleFeed Victoria
Language: English  
Talking about:  Local Shopping, Fashion, Events, Updates and Style in Victoria, B.C.
Blogging since: February 2012  Author: Kai Mundigler  

 Nia Fashionista: This is other blog that I recently found… She is so cute and share with all her followers her life and all the love she has for the fashion world. I never miss a post and a couple of her lovely pictures are extremely inspiring.
Nia Fashionista
Language: English  
Talking about:  Fashion, photography, traveling, Events,
Blogging since: June 2010         Author: Nia Groce.

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

BCN Bridal week - GaudíNovias II

♥ Franc Sarabia

♥ Jodri Dalmau

♥ Hannibal Laguna

♥ Patricia Avendaño

 ♥ Joana Montez e Patricia De Melo

♥ Pronovias

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

BCN Bridal week - GaudíNovias

♥ Rosa Clara

♥ Jesus Peiro

♥ Victorio y Lucchino

♥ Yolan Cris

♥  Inmaculada Garcia

♥  Raimon Bundó

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Vintage style, a lifestyle.

If you love fashion world, you will probably value old clothes more than others… You can see in these lovely things a little bit of history and magic. This is one of my personal favorite styles, because girls can make old stuff look so new! Even if the clothes/accessories/things are 45 years old. 

Today I leave you with a couple pictures about this “old trendy fashion”, not only because it’s something that literally never gets out of fashion, but the magic in these items is inmense. Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

Anna Dello Russo at H&M

H&M has just announced its latest exciting collaboration: an accessories collection designed by the one and only Anna Dello Russo, fashion icon and legendary Fashion Director and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.

The unique collection of accessories it's going to be available in selected stores and online on October 4. 

The Anna Dello Russo for H&M collection will reportedly be an affordable accessories line that will include jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, shoes and, in an unsurprising move for those familiar with the fashionista's outlandish style, a fabulous carry-on. 

See Dello Russo talk about the collection:

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

Mother's Day

In my country Mother's Day is going to be celebrated next Sunday, so I decided to make a list of possible gifts for mom. The best thing is to surprise her, I know that in some occasions you don’t have time or just do not know what to get her, or you just end up buying her the same thing every year: Chocolates and flowers…
But if you really want to give her an amazing surprise, here are some ideas:

#1.  Breakfast at bed. Yes, you don’t need money to make your mommy happy, you only need to do some creative and sweet surprises! Eggs, orange juice or pancakes, and of course some lovely massage expressing all the love you have for her.

#2.Homemade card: If you are young and you don’t have a lot of money but lots of love to give her, homemade cards are the best, and your mother it’s going to love this.  Be creative, write some phrases that you feel in your heart, remember all the thing she made for you and all her happiness.

#3. Book: Mothers are intellectual too, so please don’t buy some stupid book about who to lose weight or who to make some recipes… Buy something she really loves and wants! Something deeply and meaningful for her. 

#4. Massage And Spa Treatment: All moms love to feel like a queen, and of course spa time can make her feel amazing and it’s definitely one of the best things you can buy to her.

#5. Home spa products: If you don’t have enough money or your mom doesn’t have the time for the last one, a “possible present” is to get her some awesome products (good smell, color and texture) and that can help you make her feel like the queen she actually is!

#6. Perfume: A good smell… That’s really a good present, it’s a little expensive, but if can buy it, DO IT!… Remember It’s for her!

#7. Bags: If your mom likes bags and she is like me, and can’t go out without a bag… Do not vacillate, that's the ideal gift.

Remember… If your mother is not longer with you, she never left you… And will ALWAYS live in your heart, in your memories and of course in the stories you know about her.  Remember her, this is the best present you can give her!

 ♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience