sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

♥ Very important speech♥ To my followers!

Hi my adorable readers, I want to apologize for my long absent… I've been through a lot of things… My grandfather died and I’m so sad for that, we were so close and I am not in a good mood. But this situation makes me stronger and now I know that if I don’t believe in my dreams and my future, nobody is going to believe in me! That’s why I came back! Because I love you so much and you gave me one big reason to stay blogging: Someday I want to be one of the most biggest Colombian fashion-blogger, and If you are reading this, I swear your support will give me the power to continue and find the way to keep writing, looking for good ideas, always trying to build a fashion and stylish word, where you and I can live happily ever after.
I have so many ideas, that from now on I’m not going to be embarrassed to show my own style (The real and deeper me) and maybe when I’m in the mood to wear colorful and different kind of clothes, I’ll make some awesome look-book post, from here… my country, my culture and my beliefs. All of this will be exposed to all of you.

I'm also writing this, to be grateful with life, for the excellent boyfriend it has given me; he supports me like nobody else in these difficult times, and he believes in me, like my Tato did. I’m also thankful for my family and friends, they are really awesome and I know in some strange way they complete my life and help me to be the women that I am. Of course I have to say thanks to life for giving me 23 years with my Tato, and for showing me all his lessons and teachings so that I can, in the future, transmit all of his knowledge to my lovely little cousins.

I love you so much; I don’t care if we have never met… You are amazing only for following me and I hope you can share in the comments below all your dreams and all the love you want to share: for me, for your family & friends, and especially all the love you have for yourself!