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Basics 1. Work time

Hi my dear fashionistas! My laptop isstill damaged, I apologize for my long absence, I know a couple of you miss meand I´m very thankful for all your messages.
Today I come with a special post of “what should youwear?”. Many of us have had trouble adapting a special wardrobe for work. Whilein the other hand, a lot of people only feel good when they wear trendyclothes... If you are these kind of "trendy people" I have to tellyou the Coco Chanel words: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same", of course you can come to the dark side (LOL) andwear a couple of trendy clothes, but at the same time you have to make somespecial place in your closet for the basics (timeless items that you can wearany time, everywhere).

The basic clothes are easy to find and can be obtainedat the best price. For this special post I´ll make 2 sub-posts: one for theworker girl and the other for casual time (girls outfits too). I really believein the basics and the power they have. I know that beauty is not a standard... it’sa felling, trust me, if you feel pretty and you are actually well dressed, youare gonna look beautiful... That is exactly the problem with "trendypeople"... They wear clothes that fashion demands, but a lot of them arenot that perfect. My advice is: ONLY BUY AND WEAR TRENDY FASHION CLOTHES IFYOU: 1. Feel comfortable 2. The item matches with almost 5 clothes you alreadyhave. 3. You really like and feel well with this item. 4. If you don´t have onein your closet. Finally, but the most important one: 5. Your body is asanctuary (no matter your size, shape, curves, etc) please DO NOT punish him with articles that are not your size (very small / tight or too big andshapeless).

I´ll show you in this special "Basics 1. Worktime" 15 outfits I made based on 17 basic clothes; you will see how easyand fun is this.

The basics:
1. Colorful dress (I found this on MANGO)
2. White shirt (MANGO)
3. Black pants (MANGO)
4. Black high heels (I recommend black stiletos, theyare timeless and fashion. These ones are a Christian Loubotin)
5. String of pearls (CHANEL)
6. Ladylike Blouse (I recommend a colorful one; youcan find the one I picked on H&M)
7. Black Skirt (H&M)
8. Light cardigan (H&M)
9. Trench (I love to put a touch of color in myoutfits, and you know that my favorite color is pink, so I decided to pick upthis pink trench by BURBERRY... Of course you can do this with the color youprefer)
10. Timeless sunglasses (Ralph Lauren)
11. Black Blazer (H&M)
12. Brown boots (Kalliste)
13. Flats (ZARA)
14. Messenger Bag (MANGO)
15. Light Scarve (Haider Ackermann)
16. Black timeless Bag (I prefer the bowling Bags,this one is from MANGO)
17. Watch (MICHAEL KORS)

Outfit #1.

Colorful dress, black Bag, black stiletos, sunglasses, string of pearls and Watch. (optional Chanel nail polish).

Outfit #2.
Colorful dress, black blazer, black stiletos, light messenger Bag and Scarve.

Outfit #3.
Colorful dress, light messenger Bag, string of pearls, boots and light cardigan.

Outfit #4.
Black pants, white shirt, scarve, black stiletos, blazer, bowling bag and Watch. (optional NARS red nail polish).

Outfit #5
Black Skirt, white shirt, black stiletos, blazer and string of pearls.

Outfit #6
Light cardigan, black pants, stiletos, white shirt, bowling bag and Watch.

Outfit #7
Ladylike Blouse, stiletos, black pants, bowling bag, sunglasses string of pearls and Watch.

Outfit #8.
Black Skirt, ladylike Blouse, stiletos, scarve and messenger Bag.

Outfit #9.
Ladylike Blouse, black pants, messenger Bag, flats and string of pearls.

Outfit #10.
Messenger Bag, black pants, white shirt, cardigan, flats and sunglasses.

Outfit #11.

Trench, bowling bag, black pants, white shirt, stiletos, string of pearls and Watch. (optional nude lipstick and pink nail polish).

Outfit #12.
Boots, ladylike Blouse, black pants, cardigan and Watch.

Outfit #13
Trench, ladylike Blouse, black Skirt, stiletos, bowling bag, scarve and Watch.

Outfit #14.
Trench, cardigan, black skirt, white shirt, boots, messenger bag and Watch.

Outfit #15.
Black Skirt, white shirt, blazer, cardigan, flats, messenger bag, string of pearls and Watch.

I hope you liked this post andif you want to show me your own basic outfits post them in FB, twitter,pinterest, etc.

♥Freaky Fashion Friday Experience

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