sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Alice’s Cherries, Tea time.

Hello fashion lovers! Ok, a couple of days ago I had a girly girl plan with some of my lovely girl friends from the University, we went to a very nice place in the center of the city, called Alice’s Cherries. I read a couple of reviews and I was really excited because all of them were pretty nice and the critics were very good. I was not disappointed, I consider it to be my new favorite place and I think my friends felt the same attraction to the place. If you live or are traveling to Bogota you must visit this place, in fact they have the best cupcakes in town (they only compete with the mint chocolate cupcakes homemade by my mom. LOL)

I order a delicious lemon cupcake, a beautiful red macaroon and I drank a delicious hot drink!

I could select my tea by smelling these amazing boxes.

Of course I have to say that I loved the tea party idea, and of course these lovely teapots.

My friend Laura, the tea expert :)

We all enjoyed the tea party time. I leave you with other amazing photos we took.

My friend Sara and her oreo cupcake +tea+ macaron
My friend Lina! [Hot chocolate + Mashmallow] + cupcake


Alice’s Cherries:
Address: Cll 95 no 13-77
Phone: 6114878/6363905
Hours: Mon - Sat:9:00 am-7:00 pm
Twitter: @AlicesCherries

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  1. ya quiero ir a ese lugar! Aunq seguro lo mejor de todo fue la compañía :)

    1. Hermosa!! cuando regreses a Bogotá prometo llevarte!