viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Corset time!!

My dear fashion lovers today I found a really cute corset picture and I thought why not make a post about it… Corset is actually a great option, this garment will make you look and feel sexy, and actually all I can remember when I think in corsets is sexy bodies, can can dancers and of course the amazing Moulin Rouge. In the market you can find a lot of stunning corset designs to choose. I leave you some of my favorites pieces: 
Lilac Corset with Floral Design

Bright pink dancer corset

Hot Pink Corset

Pin-up Black Corset [A0R17A1] - €24.98 : Gothikas, Gothic clothing
Black corset with white polka dots.
Black and gray corset with floral print.

Red corset with black polka dots.


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  1. giv mig Lilac Corset with Floral Design ...den er skøn:-)

    1. Sweetheart that one is from Corstes-UK... Here is the link: